Charity you can bank on

Some of you whom I know in real life may have heard me go on about my disdain for Paypal and its rather shady exercises.

I had a Paypal account go completely unused for several years before its deletion largely because of  the Something Awful Katrina debacle where Paypal withheld and then refused to release over $25,000 worth of charitable donations due to… their own discretion.

Well it looks like they’ve done it again.

You may not realize that Paypal operates as a bank but is not considered a bank by most countries and therefore largely sets its own rules in regards to how they handle your money. Offhand the only country I know of that sees it  as a bank and regulates it as such is Germany and funnily enough the reputation of unfair money hoarders doesn’t reside there in any greater strength then any normal bank deserves.

Boycott Paypal? Well it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me and funnily enough you may end up helping some children out in a strangely round-about way.


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