This was in no way a paid advertisement. (although I wish it were)

If you haven’t already done so, checking out RedLetterMedia’s 70 minute Phantom Menace review and its “sequels” should probably be the next most important thing you can do in life… but only if you enjoy Star Wars.

Putting aside science fiction fandom for a second the guys at aforementioned RedLetterMedia also create a movie review show called Half in the Bag which in between a continuing story line of fleecing an old man for all his worth a pair of VCR repairmen discuss recent popular movies in great depth and detail.

Now I come to my point where I also endorse watching the review of Adam Sandler’s new comic travesty Jack and Jill, where I too have also had my eyes opened to the reality of movies being made only to deepen the pockets of those who made it and never having the intention of providing worthwhile entertainment. Looking back on Adam Sandler’s movies over the last half decade its not hard to see a trend of high budgeted movies that could have been made for pocket change by any competent movie studio.

Let us compare two films from last year. Firstly we have Grown Ups, a film set almost entirely in a waterpark and costing almost $80 million to make. Can any of you see where that money went? Certainly not on any special effects or costumes.  Next up we have True Grit(2010), a lavish period film with amazing costuming, sets and location shoots costing a comparitivly paltry sum of $38 million.

Now I wouldn’t say that the Coen brothers are better film makers then the folks at Happy Madison productions but.. the Coen brothers are actual and better film makers.  This is all only my opinion of course!

This might have been already apparent to many of you. For years you may have been avoiding movies like this, knowing full well that it would only benefit those greedy fatcats. I however see it as a bit of an awakening to just how low in quality the products people are willing to push.


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