Paid grades

I am a teacher, a union supporter and an idealist. As you might imagine I am not a Liberal supporter and consider some of their decisions to be of questionable nature. You may be surprised that I saw them enter Victorian government with a great deal of enthusiasm and hope. Ted Baillieu promised to fix a great deal of what Labor stuffed up and on top of that promised Victorian teachers to be the highest paid in the country.

Well we all saw how that turned out.

I was browsing through the Herald Sun’s delightful website today when I came across this little article. How is it that Western Australia is the most progressive state in the recognition of the teaching profession when Victoria, and particularly Melbourne, claim to be the most liveable place in the world? Well all I can say is, good on you WA.

Teaching is a rapidly aging profession with the average age close to fifty. In fact there are more people leaving the profession then entering it and this can be pinned to two separate points. Firstly the lack of pay, particularly in comparison to the private sector when it comes to the maths and sciences. Secondly the overtime and bureaucracy that each teacher is required to go through If they even care a little about their job. Believe me, the only reason you go into teaching is because you damn well care about teaching.

Obviously there is no way that society would ever allow teachers even more time off when they lazily get 11 weeks off a year, hopefully to make up for the ten to fifteen unpaid hours of overtime a week that’s required, so the next best way is to pay them adequately for their time and effort involved.

Obviously no one reading this, unless you work for the state government of course, will be able to influence any salary. All that’s really asked is that people consider the massive workload given to teachers and the demands put on them to educate the next generation and turn them into productive, good and reasonable people. It is not an easy job and all they ask for is to be recognised for it.

Direct deposit would be preferable of course.


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