Railed hard by the taxi industry

It is amazing that in a city of 4 million people that our public transport effectively shuts down at midnight. Even on weekends where you would expect adequate departure from the city would be important the problem persists. Compared to the rest of the world where trains not only run on time but every 5 minutes around the clock it becomes a laughable fiasco.

I have always thought that the primary reason behind this is to basically force people into using taxi’s which obviously provide a great deal more tax income then the trains and trams do. Funnily enough I read today in the Age that our former premiere Mr Kennett is now stating that we should be running a 24 hour service, at least on weekends. I wouldn’t say its necessarily convenient to state this when you are no longer a beneficiary to said tax dollars but I will give him the benefit of the doubt as it is a really good idea.

I personally would like them to go another five steps further, buy back the system and open it up for free use anytime anywhere. Considering the amount of subsidy is over $350million per year anyway I for one would pay more tax and encourage more people to utilize the system. I myself don’t use public transport but freeing up the roads cannot be seen as a bad thing.

I will admit though that this is unlikely to happen ever so the most to hope for is for Melbourne transport to be dragged kicking and screaming into the remainder of the world’s expectations.


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