A pixel resolution

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all have had fun and have many new year resolutions to attempt!

Except for me, I don’t do new years resolutions as its far to easy to fob them off at a later date under the excuse of “well everyone fails them”.

Self improvement is a difficult thing as its only motivator comes from within, from you and it is most likely that you are the most unreliable person you are acquainted with. However it seems to me that it is seen as a frivolous thing that is only there to eliminate what others see as bad habits or are otherwise inconveniences to some idea of a better life. In fact I dare say that ninety percent of everyones “new year resolutions” are simply trying to eliminate bad habits.

Well why is this so? Why are we looking at life in such a negative fashion? Where are the self enhancements like starting a short course  or learning a language? How about learning to paint a picture or dancing? Why is it that after smoking, losing weight is the the biggest resolutions that people come up with? Sure it is a beneficial thing but I wonder how many people do it to make them look good to others rather then seeing it as a way to improve their own lives.

Instead of starting these resolutions at the convenient time of the new years why not just go out there and do it, regardless of the time? Go out there and keep yourself educated and creative. Go and do something that helps inwardly and ignore what others may think.



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