Boat people are people too!

No I am not trying to be silly with a title like that. I really bloody mean it.

It no longer shocks me, although it does give me great disdain, to hear people dismiss asylum seekers as no good then animals or comparing them to other less then desirable things. One consistent notion I do come across is dehumanization.

What I mean by this is it is much easier to ignore the near perpetual incarceration of fellow human beings when we pretend they weren’t human in the first place. Don’t worry, its by no means a unique thing to this situation in any way. The Jews were coping it for years before getting brutally murdered in their millions, black people in America were subject to it and still are in many ways and lets not forget our own Aboriginals who are still marginalised and stigmatised to horrifying degrees.

So now there are “boat people” whose terrible crime of… attempting to seek a better life away from destitution and oppression, means they should be locked away for upwards of a year. How many of these people are people worthy of actual refugee status? Well under the Rudd government over 95% of the mere 2750 people were.

Can you honestly remember the last time an asylum seeker influenced your life in anyway? Unless you deal with the boats directly or are part of the processing then I seriously doubt you have even met a person who arrived by boat let alone had them influence your life in any meaningful way.

So tell me then, why is it such a huge problem? Why do you base your politics around it? Why do you think we should be locking human beings away for large amounts of ‘processing’ time when there is no need nor any real issue otherwise?

Casual racism may be prevalent in this country but frankly I don’t see why it should remain so in any form. We are better then that as individuals and as a nation.



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