Who needs friends when you’ve got..

In passing conversation yesterday I remarked on the active social life of a friend. This friend always seems to be particularly actively sociable and getting out there and doing things with the weekend. Usually I simply lament those who I deem as “more sociable” as simply a better person to get along with or they are simply lucky to have friends who are still active in socialising but this isn’t really true.


The conversation developed past this as my friend told me how this kind of active social life certainly hadn’t simply appeared or was thrust upon them. This friend worked for it by rekindling old friendships that had diminished, due to the inclusion of partners and other life events, and pursuing new people contacts. It was a lot of hard work they say and I am beginning to believe it.


As we get older and subsequently more set in our own ways, routines and habits we drift from friendships unnecessarily. We didn’t necessarily have a falling out or even that one person moved to the other side of the world. We simply became too complacent to give a damn. Why do we do this?

I have no ready answer but then again most people do not either. It is something that I regularly complain about in my personal life but really don’t do anything about fixing.


So perhaps this is a wake up call in a way. To seek out new friends from the old and see where that takes me. It certainly cannot hurt and I may realise something that I had been missing out on for years. It certainly has to be better then whining about people not going out any more.


You undoubtedly have a dozen or more old friends added to Facebook ‘just cause’ who you have neglected to message so perhaps you should try the same thing too. It cant hurt you either!


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