The Wednesday Review – Star Wars: Uncut

The Wednesday Review – Star Wars: Uncut

Cast: You!

Directed by: Probably you as well.


Never underestimate the power of the internet.


For luminous memes it is, not this crude matter.


So what is with the warped Star Wars references you might ask? Well the reason is I have just finished watching Star Wars: A New Hope. Well I sort of did.


Actually I barely watched any of the original Star Wars, seeing only glimpses of it in the fan refilming Star Wars: Uncut. I should clarify that it is actually fans refilming as Star Wars: Uncut is a group collaborative project consisting of the original Star Wars cut up into 15second segments which anyone can then remake in any way they see fit.


The results are well, spectacular.



The quality, is to be admitted, rather all over the place depending on the submission. They range from amazing quality animation and clever re imaginings to rather average home productions. Fortunately at only 15 seconds long, each scene never outstays its welcome and instead makes you laugh uncontrollably.


Sometimes the internet produces something very special that brings out the best in people and combines that together into something amazing. Best of all we are here to experience if completely for free.


Because of the nature of this project rating it would be rather pointless. I will say that it is immensely enjoyable and I highly recommend you at least check out your favourite scenes. I guarantee at least a smile.


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