A contested obsession

This wintery time of year is prime for the baying and decrying of foul weather by many Melbournians. People who you would think should know better by now then to point out the intolerability of our weather yet we will never learn. Complaining about the changing weather here seems to be a time honoured practice that I doubt anyone would be willing to give up should a mad scientist actually invent a villainous weather changing machine.

I myself have always enjoyed the winter and all its rugging up and bustling. Its also a great excuse for my ever white complexion. What I haven’t always enjoyed though was the months long epidemic that autumn and winter brought. Not the common cold though, i’m talking about the sport of the common man. Australian Rules Football.

A few years ago my opinion would have been simple. Not interested and damn it for taking precious time up on television when there is already so little worthy of viewing. Naturally it never stopped there and the proverbial water cooler talk subsequently was most dis interesting.  What a boring clash of men fighting over a ball. At the time I considered cricket to be a more exciting spectator sport. Such was my disgust for the game as it was.

Ill never know the exact reason, nor the exact moment that I suddenly began to take an interest in the sport. My best guess is that everyone I knew all barracked for the same team almost exclusively and I was slowly absorbed by the colossal force that is football. I would hesitate to call myself a huge fan but with my new practice of watching replays and reading discussions on the sport I am starting to worry.

Now I get to worry about the roller coaster that is supporting a team and all the excitement and heartbreak that is attached. No one to blame for that apart from myself for picking StKilda, or did it pick me?

So with all that effort involved, the time dedicated to watching the games and the worry about the next outcome the question of would I have changed my mind about gaining an interest in the first place? Would I change my mind?

Not in your life.



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